Covid: changes at work

  • Let's find out how Covid has changed the world of work through the survey of companies conducted by E-Business Consulting

Covid: changes in work

It is now obvious to say that the Covid-19 pandemic, which broke out at the beginning of 2020, has changed traditional working models by pushing companies to change their organizational structures in favor of smarter and digital solutions. Following this idea, we wondered how this could actually affect the B2B world, conducting a survey on employees and managers to understand the percentages of this change. The survey carried out was designed to investigate times, processes and new ways of working adopted by companies to react to change. What data was collected?

It was found that 65% of the interviewees worked in Smart Working mode, particularly in the ITC/Communication sector. But the most interesting data emerged from the question: "Do you think that from a technological point of view your company was ready for Smart Working?", As 82% of the respondents declared that their company was ready for this modality. It is surprising, in fact, that such a high percentage of companies were already ready for these models of agile work in such a short period of time. Again, the companies within the ITC/Communication sector were the most prepared to work in Smart Working mode.

Almost 90% of respondents used platforms to overcome the obstacle of Smart Working: mostly free applications such as Zoom or Skype were used despite the various problems that emerged in recent months regarding their safety and the transmission of data. data. About 70% of workers admit that they have worked from home more efficiently and declare their willingness to renovate the home working environment by financing their company (Google model).

In this period it emerged that the corporate communication mix has shifted towards a communication prototype focused on Digital (35%), followed by an interest in promoting Social Responsibility (24%). About 90% of the sample of companies interviewed do not have both B2C and B2B eCommerce. On the contrary, those who have an eCommerce are mainly represented by medium-large companies with 51-100 employees. While almost 70% of companies that do not have an eCommerce do not intend to activate one.

What emerges interesting is that, on the one hand, the companies have found themselves ready to face the need for change introduced by Covid regarding the restructuring of their organizational and personnel management models, on the other hand it emerges the need to adopt customized and secure communication platforms for smart working by limiting free solutions. See the results below:

Survey B2B Presentation

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting