Coronavirus and social media

  • How Italians have changed their social habits and what new trends are emerging

 Coronavirus and social media

It is obvious to say that in such a particular historical period, in which many of us are revolutionizing their lifestyle habits due to the restrictions brought by Coronavirus, the behaviors of Italians on various social platforms have also undergone significant changes.

How are those forced to live inside the house reacting?

The spirit of solidarity and dedication to the rules are the masters, at least in the social sphere, with the hashtags: #iorestoacasa and #andràtuttobene, which from March 12 to 15, record 243.3k and 120.5k of mentions according to the social platform listening Blogmeter who analyzed dozens of online conversations.

Not only that, the Italians have rediscovered a people of cooks, as well as a good fork. The love for cooking emerged from the use of hashtags such as #food (5.2k) and #foodporn (5.1K) together with the many dishes published on social profiles.

Online conversations show that, in this time of forced isolation, people tend to devote themselves to preparing dishes that require more time such as pizza, bread and long-leavening products. On the same wave, the most important influencers in the sector plan direct dedicated to bread-making with engagement results of over 1 million. The word yeast is discussed in 12k of discussions, almost all on Instagram with 96.5%.

As in the kitchen, also in the social strategies of many brands we see the return to the values ​​that the brand embodies: it is therefore essential, today more than ever, to review and structure a storytelling able to put the accent on the true essence of the product (find out how structure an impact storytelling here).

Not surprisingly, people decide to spend their time on online streaming platforms watching videos and TV shows. In fact, among the topics of discussions we find Netflix in first place with a 57% followed by Raiplay and Prime Video. Entertainment has also taken on another nuance: in fact, there are numerous artists and show characters who use Instragram Live to create real DJ sets or live concerts.

Online shopping has undergone a dizzying surge, bringing with it many doubts about the safety of parcel delivery: many users are intimidated by the lack of courier's mask and gloves. Strongly supported are the initiatives of companies that provide all the safeguards to their employees.

It is important to underline that, in a moment of change like this, companies must be ready to change their social strategy to keep up with the trends that are emerging.

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