Copywriting: how to stand out

  • What to know when you write a strategic copy for Digital Marketing: find out on Wednesday 12 May at the free webinar of E - Business Consulting.

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“Content is (still) king”, that is: content continues to be a decisive element in the world of marketing, both offline and (and above all) online.

It is now clear that the ability to write strategic copy, oriented towards your own commercial and business objectives, is a skill that is increasingly in demand in the world of Advertising.

Today, consumers are very sensitive to the entire psychological, evocative and emotional component of a brand, and give great importance to the values ​​that are communicated and transmitted.

Therefore, more and more companies are investing in storytelling activities, in order to establish a relationship with potential customers through persuasive contents, but also capable of moving, of representing new worlds and possible realities, of entertaining and informing.

But writing for marketing, balancing the dual objective of arousing emotional reactions and convincing users to choose their products or services, is by no means a trivial activity.

It requires a series of skills and abilities that concern both the art of creative writing and the knowledge and mastery of the topics covered, the marketing objectives and the target audience.

For this reason, at E-Business Consulting we have created a free webinar on Wednesday 12 May at 11.00, entitled: “Copywriting: how to stand out”.

During the online event, the concept of copywriting will be clarified, explaining why the various storytelling activities are important for making your brand known, strengthening the relationship with your consumers and increasing your credibility.

More specifically, the webinar will focus on the following topics:

  •  Definition, or what copywriting is and what it is not: distinction between writing for marketing   activities and other types of storytelling;
  • What to communicate: based on the needs and objectives set, establish the contents to be transmitted, the chosen channels and the most suitable tone of voice;
  • Create strategic copy: elements to be taken into consideration for a winning content activity;
  •  Writing in a Seo oriented perspective: being found on the web thanks to your own texts and suitable key words;
  • The corporate blog: a useful tool to generate brand awareness, provide useful information to its users, communicate the latest news.

You can participate in the Webinar by registering HERE.

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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting