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Buyer Personas

  • For a strong Targeting strategy we have to know our Personas Buyers: identikit of our typical customer.

Buyer Personas

At the base of a good marketing strategy the first steps to be is the STP: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning. The three phases are chained together and consecutive one to each other.

In order to define the Target, it is necessary to segment one's audience through different approaches, such as the mass approach, the choice of large segments, the choice of adjacent segments, the choice of small segments etc. This decision is taken based on the different strategies that the clusters involve. The aim is to better identify the target, ie that group of people with common characteristics that diverges from the traditional subdivision variables and that aggregate individuals with more transversal common characteristics.

Once the market has been defined and the target to be referred to has been chosen, the company must choice the positioning. From this depends the image that the consumer will have of the brand and it’s important to remain consistent with the brand, analyzing the competitive context and identifying the unique values ​​of the brand.

Once this first strategic phase is over, especially in digital marketing, it is important to outline an identikit of the typical customer. It begins with the drawing up not only of the socio-demographic characteristics of the individual (age, city, employment ...) but also of the deepest particularities of his being, such as the goals has in life, frustrations, habits daily, the propensity for certain attitudes.

In this way the Buyer Personas are then outlined: individuals with a name, a surname, a face and a story. In the digital age, where more and more users are identified with ID, we have tried to give personality and life to the audience. The target is no longer composed of "women; over 35; unemployed; who practice sports", but from all those who have something in common with" MariaGrazia, a 37-year-old woman who decided to devote herself to domestic life after her first pregnancy. She lives in a small town and devotes most of her day to home and family. The only time that she reserves for herself is in the morning, when she likes to go running in the park near her home and needs the right equipment: fashionable, but not too flashy, comfortable, good quality and cheap. She is a very motivated woman who does not easily give up. When she is waiting for her children outside the school, she likes to surf Facebook. She follows pages of sportswear and often publishes her outfits”.

From the analysis of the response behavior of the customer to the positioning of the company, it is possible to understand which are the best points of contact, the contents and the offers to use.

Then you need to integrate everything with advanced monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, or offline information acquired by customers. Now the profiles of the buyer personas can be more precisely outlined with needs, online habits, objectives, devices used etc. and going to improve the content level of communication more and more.

E-Business Consulting, digital marketing agency, deals directly with segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies for its customers. Identify your Buyer Personas and get to know them through Market Researches or campaigns on Google and on Social Networks.