2018 Internet Trends Report

  • What is the must-read for understand the world of technology? The most important report of the legendary venture capitalist Mary Meeker.

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 Mary Meeker, authoritative financial analyst and venture capitalist, offers us the opportunity to discover all the secrets and new trends in the technological world. The famous report, the bible of Silicon Valley, reveals data and other updates related to the world of ecommerce, mobile, users experience, subscription services, cryptocurrencies, technology investments, artificial intelligence and much more ...

This report offers a complete overview starting from the analysis of a particular data: it is estimated that in 2018 about 3.6 billion users of the Internet world, a figure quite satisfactory if compared to the total number of people on the planet earth, about 50% of the earth population will be online.

Despite this, 2017 is associated both with the first year in which smartphone sales have not increased but also with the growth of time spent by online users. The facilitators of this situation? Surely some smartphone brands without limits (450 million networks spread all over the world as opposed to 100 million around a decade ago).

The report clearly shows that users spend much more time on the internet thanks to mobile devices, thus highlighting the change in habits of all users who increasingly prefer mobile compared to desktop browsing. The mobile is not only a winner for the consultation of content, video and chat but also with regard to payments on the web. Mobile payments are going to record a staggering surge.

Analyzing the situation of users in the United States of America, users spend 5.9 hours a day on different digital media, 3.3 hours spent on mobile devices, officially crowned as protagonists of this growth. Even the colossus of social networks, Facebook, despite some problems registered in recent times, grows and continues to become more and more an element of everyday life, a life partner of many Internet users. But what do online users do? They watch videos and chat (more than 1 billion active users per month use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

If Facebook still reigns supreme among social media, subscription services are also cutting more and more concrete and important goals: Netflix shows an increase of 25% compared to the previous year (2017) and also Spotify records absolutely positive (+ 48% compared to the 2017 data). Sony PlayStation Plus, Dropbox and The New York Times also appear among the fastest growing companies.

As if this were not enough, one of the Internet Trends reported in 2018 concerns the world of education. In particular, it is emphasized that the very active search for refresher courses and personal training is becoming more and more popular among those looking for a job but also among those who are happy and loyal to their company. It is precisely among the latter that the smart work is becoming very popular: flexibility, work from home but also freelance work mark a real goal. The work on demand earns a lot of points and highlights a dizzying growth, + 23% in 2017 only. Protagonists undisputed? Uber, Airbnb and Etsy. With this in mind, it is useful to underline that there is a slowdown in the purchases of cars with a consequent increase in transport costs in rideshare on demand (shares of car passes).

It will leave you speechless also the formidable and constant run to the success of Amazon that, little by little, is becoming the preferred search engine for online purchases. More generally, it is precisely the success of ecommerce that is making the lively generation of business lifestyle grow. The overview shows that in the space of ten years we have moved from a 5% retail sale deriving from ecommerce to a value of 13%.

China also appears among the Internet Trends 2018. Amazon's Chinese competitor, Alibaba, is continuing its expansion beyond the wall thanks to the wholesale of its products but not only ... in general, companies operating in the technology sector are increasingly investing and climbing the heights of tech success (in the top 20 there are already 9 Chinese companies). Also with regard to mobile payments, China appears to be among the protagonists, in 2017 alone there were 500 million active users in this sense.

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