What is the TrueView Video Advertising?

  • Discover how to generate memory with low-cost YouTube video ad campaigns through the use of TrueView

What is the TrueView Video Advertising?

Video Marketing is a communication advertising strategy able to offer value, relevance and flexibility that are demanded by consumers and adapt to their lifestyles. Moreover, the use of tablet and smartphones eliminate the the limits about when and where people can interact with text or video content marketing. Nowadays, video advertising represents more than 35% of online ads and 60% of people prefer watching a video instead of reading a post. How can we create a catching video ad that is able to engage consumers and increase the number of conversions?

TrueView ads are standard video advertisements on YouTube that allow advertisers to gain important data about the target. This ignorable in-stream ad format gives the possibility to choose if interacting or not with the video. It can be performed before, during, or after other videos and the viewer can decide to skip the video ad after 5 seconds. TrueView formats can be distinguished based on the offer method and the ability to conform with the marketing objective. There are four format types:

TrueView for reach (CPM) increases awareness, optimizes market coverage, catches attention thanks to the levels of YouTube visibility and audibility. This format is optimized for the impressions and not for the views and it is available on YouTube and partners video Google. According to a YouTube research made in July 2017, by which tests on 84 campaigns have been conducted: nine out of ten cases, TrueView for Reach campaigns produced an increment of 20% in the ad memory.

TrueView in-stream (CPV) counts the number of views if the video lasts more than 11 seconds. The cost is charged when a user:

  1. Watch the ad for 30 seconds or the entire video if it lasts less than 30 seconds;
  2. Make an action from the video such as, it clicks to look at the website of the advertiser or download the app for mobile devices.

Thanks to this kind of ad, it is possible to reach consumers by maintaining alive their attention and paying only the views, guarantee an impact on the public by telling the brand’s story and obtain high efficiency results.

TrueView discovery (CPV) is identified as a video ad that has a higher return if it is published on the main positions where there is the discovery on YouTube such as, on the feed of the home page, view page, and search results of YouTube. In fact, the time of view that is linked to the contents that are discovered on the home page is duplicated. It reaches the segments in the moment when they are looking for or watching contents on YouTube. Moreover, users must click on the ad to watch it, instead of skipping it after 5 seconds.

TrueView for action (CPA) stimulate actions on the websites by including the overlay of invitation to action, personalized companion and the final window. The overlay of invitation to action will be visualized when the video is activated by an ad or an organic visualization.

TrueView ads can improve the engagement and the memory of ads that had not been watched until the end. In other words, you don’t pay but you generate value anyway. Therefore, the TrueView format works as a filter for targeting because you pay just when the users are interested and choose to watch your ad. At the same time it is possible to verify the users’ engagement level with contents, in what moment they choose to watch the video and when they interrupt the play. Anyway, since these videos can be skipped, it is recommended to create a source of entertainment that makes the brand memorable such as, a case history that can arouse empathy. Including an emotion during the first seconds improves the chances that the visitors keep watching. Conveying the message in few seconds with creativity and at the right moment increases memory.

A successful example is characterized by the ad published by Fanta in Mexico. The brand used TrueView for Reach to target a young public on a large scale. The campaign reached more than 10 million of people between 18 and 24 years old in just one month and it gave great results based on the brand’s impact, included the increment of 223% on organic research.

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