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  • The Audiweb data about Internet users from pc and mobile in November 2018 are available now

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In this news we will talk about the distribution of the Audiweb Database according to the new Audiweb 2.0 methodology.

The unique users who have connected to the Internet via PC, smartphone or tablet in November 2018 are 42.628 million, which is about 71.3% of the Italian population over 2 years old. The connection time corresponds to 81:55 hours per person. Specifically, we have 28.864 million pc users, 8.495 million tablets users and 34.497 million users from smartphone.

Analyzing the data by average day, the total audience is represented by 33.040 million users divided in the following percentages: 27.926 million smartphone users (62.3% of Italians aged 18-74), 5.438 million tablet users (12.1% of Italians aged 18-74) and 11.623 million computers (19.4% of Italians over 2 years old). The time per person on the average day is 3 hours and 16 minutes.

About demographic sections, in the average day, the male population is higher in percentage compared to women, reaching 57.5% for men and 53% for women. There is a much greater use of the smartphone for online searches in both cases: 59.8% men and 64.8% women. Still keeping the same proportions in PC, with 22.1% for men and 16.8% for women. Finally, a small percentage surf the internet via tablet: 11.3% and 13% for men and women.

We can also underline significant data concerning age groups, about the consumption of internet in the entire month of November. 99.4% of the population between 18 and 24 years old is online at least once a month. For the group 25-34 we speak about 97.4%, and we can find the 94% for the next group 35-44 years old. Then we reach up to 94.4% for the 45-54. When we move in the 55-64 age grupo we pass to 84.3% up to 35.5% for over 65.

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