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On 4th and 5th April 2019 Bologna hosted the third edition of the Adworld Experience: 22 real PPC & CRO cases, 16 advanced seminars, 36 expert speakers and over 400 expected participants. A highly educational event with speech quality focused mainly on four different thematic areas such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, eCommerce and CRO.

The first in-depth analysis is intended for the speech on Landing Page Optimization, within the CRO.

By intervening with precise actions on the website it is possible to improve the productivity of simple visitors to the website in customers. The starting point is the best way to achieve success, cost and quality of conversions, improve the number, the cost and quality of real conversions to create the perfect sales funnel. In this context the Landing Page of a website, or rather the landing page of an online advertising campaign, is very important.

In the initial phase, the suggestion is to start first with a small test that integrates PPC campaigns and actions on the Landing Page, to then reach the next step of validation and definition of a verified and effective strategy.

Another variable to consider is the analysis and definition of the macro and micro context in order to set the most suitable strategy to be implemented. It is therefore important to examine the competitive context and the presence or absence of competitors, to identify opportunities or threats, as well as analyze the offer and the value proposition (Swot Analysis).

Given the overview of the action context in which we operate, we reach the crucial phase of the involvement of the user that is part of the user's cognitive processes that can be traced back to the following phases: problem, attraction, interest, trust, desire, action, satisfaction.

The involvement takes place first of all with the identification of the problem that the product or service is going to solve, to obtain the different and strong positioning. If mistakes are made in this phase the user runs the risk of bouncing, losing the potential conversion. We are therefore talking about a crucial phase to which we dedicate attention and resources. Then it is possible to establish the so-called bond of trust through the proposal of a specific promise built on the facts: therefore, the transparent feedbacks produced by the customers themselves are precious, as well as the explanation of the different sales experiences. Without these tests you should always stay alert because a further bounce of the user becomes easier.

Right positioning, right promises, feedback and pertinent case histories are the keywords to keep in mind to define a strategy to optimize Landing Pages and therefore conversions on a website, without forgetting the need for the A / B tests.

Only in this way is generated the consistency, by the users that become the long-awaited actual customers generated.

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