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  • From Google Adwords to Google Ads: the new interface, the opportunities, common mistakes and an account optimization method.

Google ADV

When We talk about campaigns in Google Ads, especially for E-Commerce (Google Shopping), the most critical issue is to search and identify the winning keywords. With the evolution of the web and in particular Google, that daily collects a lot of data concerning each of us, we no longer have control over the keywords, and it is necessary to shift the attention towards a targeting based on the research intent. So now, it is possible to create efficacious Shopping or Dynamics campaigns, even without keywords.
The first step for creating a campaign is to identify the objectives and configure them correctly. Very often, in sales campaigns, We exclude some conversions that are relevant instead (newsletter subscription, phone calls ...). It’s essential to keep track of them to monitor results and KPI.
Secondly, it is essential to set the campaign structure correctly and decide the strategy between: Maximize conversions; Cost per acquisition (CPA) Target; Return on advertising investiment (ROAS) Target. It is a passage that is sometimes a bit difficult and that requires chance to experiment.
An interesting activity, which is often underestimated, is feed optimization: how to do SEO in Google Shopping. Descriptive and optimized titles and texts, and special attention to the attributes and custom labels. Google Shopping ads are highly customizable and it is important make the difference compared to other products.
Finally, the focus is on traffic distribution and the adjustments to be made to the segmentations.
All this is followed by constant monitoring and analysis of the data collected and the update of strategy every day. It is important to exclude all those segments and keywords that produce high pay traffic, but without producing conversions, to make the campaign efficient and to improving KPI.
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