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  • Gamification techniques are increasingly spreading in omnichannel strategies: we talked about it at Reconnect 2019.

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On Tuesday 22 October, E-Business Consulting participated at Reconnect 2019, a seminar organized by Selligent, a company that offers an omnichannel platform to maximize interactions with customers, to talk about gamification.

The agenda has been full of speeches by industry experts who have exposed all the opportunities offered in customer journey with significant case histories. The exchange of views was also encouraged by the presence of numerous experts from different backgrounds who contributed to the success of the initiative.

To be able to achieve this goal, optimal data management combined with the use of artificial intelligence is required. On the other hand, the ability to personalize content to develop authentic contextual marketing in all channels.!

The main deep and debated node was how to create engangement between companies and customers.

In this context, E-Business Consulting has developed the theme of engagement through gamification techniques, presenting different case histories in different sectors, providing insights to the large audience present, in order to stimulate different techniques of engagement of the customers in their customer journey.

Introducing marketing techniques, gamification techniques and sweepstakes into one’s own strategies can generate a positive relationship with the final consumer, subject to the need to determine the objectives you want to achieve, to create the optimal mechanism of customer engagement.

Depending on the tools used, the target audience and the budget available through the gamification techniques can achieve several objectives:

- Increase the customer database

- Update customer data

- Increase the notoriety

- enriching user data in databases

- segmenting and profiling users by interest

- De-duplicate and clean data

Therefore it becomes fundamental, for every company, to formalize an omnichannel strategy, creating a path of growth, putting the customer to the center in order to satisfy all its requirements and to construct personalized relationships.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting