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Email marketing: the future

  • Is email marketing dead? Trends and anticipations of what email marketing will be in the coming years

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How will email marketing evolve in the coming years? What will be the news, trends and forecasts on which to focus on the future? Understanding the market through analysis and studies is important to set one's work in a sector and especially in an activity that changes continuously, day after day. Therefore, trying to understand future trends will help you discover new activities to implement, technologies to try and new points of view with which to address email marketing.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a technological myth from a science fiction film. Voice assistants are becoming more widespread and thinking about finding ways to link them to email marketing is another step towards getting closer to their users. Furthermore, the implementation of systems that support email marketing automation can help to predict the activity and choices of the target of interest over time, learning to know their preferences and their habits: through e-mails customer journeys are learned of its users, familiarizing themselves with them to be found at the right time with the right email.

From simple email marketing to customer experience email marketing: the user continues to remain at the center of communication, conceived, designed and planned, placing it at the center of the message. The contents of the emails continue to go down the road of authenticity and the use of dynamic live content - such as countdowns or weather widgets that change depending on the opening of the email, means that there is much more participation and closeness from part of the brands: the more e-mails are perceived as true and felt by users, the more they will appreciate the humanization of cold dispatch, allowing brands to enter their online experience.

Emails will become more and more fundamental, also allowing for actions such as paying for a purchase from e-commerce, as if you were in the real web. The security of the user will therefore be primary both at the sending level - through end-to-end coding systems and the blockchain that certifies the senders, and at the level of privacy, with extreme care of the personal data that has been granted to us : only in this way will it be possible to work at best the huge information gathered.

Artificial intelligence and the new automation of email marketing processes that learn, study and learn user journeys for us, however, must not make us forget the human side of emails. The intervention of the marketer enters the work of the contents and the ability to tell the brand, to the point of realizing a real email marketing storytelling. This is not a mere exercise, but to sincerely communicate the brand in its most authentic and distinctive manner.

The complete and hyper personalization of emails creates an important workload that requires time and attention. If the processes of sending and loyalty are appreciated by automation, we must ensure that the target is as precise as possible: it must therefore be hyper segmented, creating small niches of people really interested in receiving and interacting with emails of a certain brand and must scour your databases by discarding contacts that do not generate interactions. This is where the CRO (the optimized conversion rate) comes into play: it will be important to take into account the conversions generated but above all optimized, more efficient and ad hoc depending on the objective, perhaps through virtual or augmented reality experiences.

More or less immersive, the image continues to be a fundamental means to communicate with its users, to create an immediate and dynamic involvement. Both through the same formats of the images - as for the gifs through the css sheets, it is important to aim for more and more interactive experiences for one's own consumers, perhaps even making oneself advise precisely by the automation systems, which learn which contents or interests are appreciated more from users. However, all this must not forget that the cleanest and well-designed emails are those that, in addition to making the fruition easier, are also those that have a longer queue, being opened up there with time.

However, email marketing and marketing automation will find the right path if they are included in a decisive way in commercial strategies: counting that they could even become new front for paid media, the planning of ad hoc campaigns must be included in an omnichannel perspective for a more complete action towards consumers.

AI, marketing automation, target hyper-segmentation, extreme attention to user privacy, content engagement, customer journey, are the key words that we should keep in mind in order to implement strategies and activities in the best way.

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