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According to EY research presented on the last IAB Forum, the digital division weights about 54 billiard. Inside this division, are considering also the advertising collection, accessory services, technology, professional service and eCommerce. The digital division creates a job for actually 220.00 people with a negative balance between specialized digital job request (165.000) and offering (55.000).

Always regarding EY research, the professionality or the competences actually most required by the company in Italy in the digital area are the following: Data Analysis, Social Media, Programmatic, SEO & SEM, Mobile, Performance, User Experience AND CRM. These specific competences need to be realized by specific professional expert: lightly.

To obtain the requested professionality, we can follow two alternative ways or combine them:

  1. Hire expert from an external environmen;
  2. Educate the actual workers inside the company

The development of these competences through an adequate educational path can be the optimal key to keep up with the times using the internal resources to not loose itself in the digital jungles.

E-Business Consulting, web agency, born in 2003 from the Start Cube of the University of Padua, is always active in educational projects. During 2015 we have realized 8 guides dedicated to the principal digital tools for everyone that would know better the digital word.

These guides are presented inside the dedicated website GuidaEBC in which you can download for free.  In the end of 2016, in collaboration with Pegaso Telematic University, was realized the Digital Accademy with two courses dedicated to Google and Facebook.

Investing in digital training is now necessary in order to requalify adequately the staff and to have a real awareness of the tools and their correct use.

Being competitive in the digital world gives an absolute advantage to your business from the private, to the big company or the category association. E-Business Consulting offers targeted educational training projects at the company in order to increase quality to your business services. After a careful analysis and a total shared path with the customer, we will be able to provide a personalized service, both for those who look for the first time in the digital world and for those who need more in-depth information about the communication area.

Do you want to stay competitive and make the most of digital tools? Choose E-Business Consulting as a partner for your business educational training!

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05/04/2020 E-Business Consulting