Digital Audit: why?

  • The digital evolution requires all companies to continually question digital and commercial development models.

[Translate to English:] Audit Digitale: perché?

In the digital transformation era, the keyword is "who stops is lost!" We are facing a continuous evolution of the business management and methods thanks to the technological progress. The fundamental problem today is to understand how a business model can be integrated and in what way, by the new technologies available, for examples: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality etc.

In the competitive scenery it is not the biggest that wins against the smallest but the fastest against the slowest. It would be curious analyze the top 100 US companies listed 30 years ago and those present today.
It is therefore necessary and important to have the courage to continually discuss your business model in order to create virtuous processes. For this reason, E-Business Consulting is pleased to announce the set up of 2 ad hoc services for companies that want to evaluate and experiment with the support of experts.

The first, the digital audit, is to be considered a service that acts on the roots of the company structure. The Digital Audit suggested by E-Business Consulting evaluate the business systems and applications of the company, their use, integration and ease of access to data by all the players in the system. Through this photograph, in relation to the objectives of commercial development and the technological progress of the sector, we evaluate possible areas of shadow to obtain the improvement of processes, fluidity of organizational flows and optimization of customer management.

The second ad hoc service is the ADV Check up. Through this audit we analyze all the Inbound Marketing and Response Advertising activities used by the company over the last 12-24 months, starting from the website, landing pages, redemption and evaluation of the different digital tools used with the identification of fundamental KPIs.

We can also create a benchmark between the company and the competitors in order to have a real and complete view of the situation with relative positioning of the brand or products with respect to the reference target.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting