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If more than two billion people in the world have a Facebook’s profile because your reality has not yet thought about proposing to all of them services or products?

In Italy there are 34 million active users every month and, in percentage terms, there is a female audience of 48% and a male audience percentage of 52%. Does your user base reach these figures? Yes? Your company is phenomenal! No? Read now this article and find out how to increase your business and increase sales!

To think well, Facebook was born with the intention of finding and staying in touch with friends, acquaintances, colleagues and many others, so today's question is: why not take advantage of this possibility and turn friends, fans and sympathize with your company in real customers?

Rationally speaking, we are talking about pure and simple marketing, but emotionally we could translate into "helping consumers and proposing to all users services or products they need in a very short time ... just a click away!".

If you want to increase sales and increase your business the proposal today (but also in the future) is to associate the idea of ​​the most famous social network in the world to the perfect square where supply and demand meet. Step number one? Create your BusinessBook strategy!

Do you want to dare more? Are you afraid of stressing users with ads that they will probably never watch or ads that tend not to arouse their interest? no problem ... use Facebook Lead Ads.

This tool allows you to create the perfect fusion for your business: the power of Facebook together with the creation of a database consisting of Leads interested in the products or services offered.

By activating a Facebook Lead Ads campaign, your business will have the opportunity to activate a Lead Generation process, reaching the final goal of each company, grow both at a company level and economically. If you are still thinking about how the Lead Generation can help your business think about what is the cornerstone of your business ... customers already interested but even more potential ones that could become the loyal ones of tomorrow.

How does it work? Why choose this Facebook strategy? Lead Ads allows you to get in touch with the interested audience through different methods in line with the call to action that the company intends to undertake: requests for information, quotes, call now ... Thanks to this tool it will be possible to create sponsored announcements and create engagement with the target of your business through contact forms made ad hoc for different business needs.

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity and choose E-Business Consulting to plan your new Facebook Lead Ads campaign. Get advice from our experts! Choose with us your target audience, the best graphics to hit your audience and the budget you want to use. Our experience will help your business with the best BusinessBook ever! Call us today and request your free quote.


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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting