Amazon, eBay, Alibaba: a comparison

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Amazon, eBay, Alibaba: a comparison

What are the main features, pros and cons of Amazon, eBay and Alibaba? How can you take advantage of the best service for your business?

The new webinar created by E-Business Consulting will compare the three giants of eCommerce to understand their strengths and different specifications.

By now, selling online is not an alternative among many, but a necessity. The lockdown period has given the extra push, triggering a leap forward in the digital processes of companies, which were previously latent and often careless, have now become a prominent request.

But throwing yourself into the fray of the network is not so simple or better, it is necessary to study the context in which individual companies operate, the products, the target, the markets and the budget, to optimize the online presence and find the solution that best suits your model of business. Extremely if you are targeting an audience of end consumers, the most popular platforms are Amazon and eBay, while for a target of companies, Alibaba is the right answer.

But what are the advantages and weaknesses of these three platforms? What are their individual purposes? How to carry out effective marketing activities for your business through these platforms?

On Wednesday, October 14, E-Business Consulting will answer these and other questions, comparing the three queen platforms to market online: Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. In particular, we will talk about:

  • of why to sell on marketplaces
  • what costs these platforms provide
  • how to get active on the marketplaces
  • what are the different advertising methods
  • final comparison of the three platforms
  • which marketplace is the most suitable for your business.

Find out more about the world of eCommerce and discover the platform that best suits your business, to sell online! Take part in our free webinar on Wednesday 14 October by clicking HERE.

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19/02/2021 E-Business Consulting