Advertising Spending Italy September 2017

  • Advertising investments in Italy referred to September 2017 divided by sector and medium according to Nielsen data.

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The first nine months of 2017 are marked by declining advertising spending compared to the previous year, down by -3.3% over the same period of 2016.

By analyzing the month of September 2017 you can see how some media indicate a decrease:

The Outdoor shows a variation of -16.7% and represents the average most affected by this contraction. Following are the Newspapers (-9.9%), Periodicals (-6.3%), Direct Mail (-5%), TV (-2.7%) and Cinema (-2%).

The average recorded growth rate is the GO TV (+ 14.5%) followed by Radio (+ 4.2%) and the Internet.

The goods sectors with the largest market share are games and school articles (+ 40.9%), household appliances (+ 31.7%) and industry and construction (+ 14.1%); The largest decrease was recorded in the following areas: Toiletries (-16.1%), media and publishing (-12%), finance and insurance (-10.7%), distribution (-10.6%) and services professional (-9.1%).

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