Advertising Spending Italy March 2017

  • Advertising investments in Italy referred to March 2018 divided by sector and medium according to Nielsen data.

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The month of March in the field of advertising investments closes steady at -0.2% (-2.9% without Social and Search), a slightly negative figure that however leads this quarter to +1.0% compared to 2017.

Analyzing just this period, we note how some assets have undergone an increase in investment. In the first place we find Cinema with +43.1%, followed by Go TV with +33.2%, Transit +13.1% and Radio +7.1%. The means, however, which continue to suffer a decline are certainly the -11% periodicals and the newspapers -9.3%. Following are Direct Mail -5.7% and TV -0.6%. The Outdoor is stable at -0.4%.

We can define that the data collected on web auditing in this first quarter of 2018 are positive overall +7.7% (+2.5% without Social and Search).

Difficult to find a balance on the trend of advertising investments and above all a common thread to these trends so far, probably also due to the political and economic stalemate in which Italy is currently.

As for the investment sectors, those with the highest percentages according to Nielsen data for the January, February and March are Leisure +34.5%, Institutions/Institutions +33.5%, Industry/Construction +25.4%, Appliances +15%. In the event we find Games/School Items -30.9%, personal items -21.8%, Motorcycles/Vehicles -14.8%.

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