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Telemarketing Lists Italy

Quality Telemarketing lists in Italy cold and hot B2B and B2C with mobile number for the success of your customer acquisition campaigns.

Telemarketing continues to be one of the most used contact tools in the current digital environment, by all those companies that intend to seek newbusiness development opportunities in a short and immediate time with direct contact with the end customer.

Telemarketing becomes invasive when you call a user by offering a service they have already subscribed to or have previously had an unpleasant experience with the brand that is calling them or not interested in that product. Otherwise when users are tormented repeatedly, with allegedly astonishing offers, by operators with a strong foreign accent and often unprofessional.

Fortunately, the introduction of the new Privacy Policy (GDPR) is trying to give an order to all activities on the market, trying to block and sanction all illegal operators.

The opportunities offered by the digital world to create synergies with the world of telemarketing are many. In particular, in the creation and provision of profiled lists and user databases for future telephone contacts to potential customers who have expressed a wish to receive a specific product/service and given explicit consent to the reception of a call for commercial purposes.

E-Business Consulting, a company operating since 2003, is the professional interlocutor in the supply chain for the generation in real time and the provision of lists of names and databases of individuals and companies in full compliance with the constraints rightly provided by the new Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

We are able to provide in particular 3 different types of databases and profiled lists of potential customers with active and verified mobile phone numbers, with the following characteristics:

  1. Cold data: names already acquired directly or through partners with the only possible profiling based on socio-demo characteristics;
  2. Warm data: names acquired during the last 24 months with specific profiling of the interest in a certain product or service, not exclusively;
  3. Hot data: names acquired in real time based on specific requests with the possibility of super profiling based on the actual interest of the user.

Depending on the objectives and budget available, we are able to offer customized solutions, even exclusively, to optimize your investment in telemarketing, significantly improving your results. Often in the analysis of investments in the sector, companies focus too much on the purchase cost of each individual registry and less on the sales results obtained from each database used.

The prevailing attitude of the industry is to discharge the inability to close telephone sales contracts to call centers or operators used for telemarketing actions. Often little is done in terms of improving the quality of databases and lists of names to be used for all telemarketing actions, including in relation to the widespread abandonment by consumers of fixed numbers in favor of mobile phones.

E-Business Consulting is a company specialising in the supply of cold lists and/or the generation of new consumer databases for telemarketing activities, also through Lead Generation actions, the organisation of sweepstakes or ad hoc publishing projects. Call us now for a free consultation!

Telemarketing Lists Italy

The use of quality Telemarketing lists is a fundamental element for the success of customer acquisition campaigns 18/04/2020 E-Business Consulting