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Those who  do not  invest in communication run the  risk of being cut off from market.  It may seem  a provocation but  it's not far from reality. Communication is a  very  important strategy. To communicate means advertising your own firms products all over the  world  and knowing  for certain that the information will arrive.

Digital communication is an extraordinary tool to  spread in real-time news, secrets, rumours, feedback, updating and new services and products.

There is a substantial difference  between off-line and on-line; an unfavourable news article about  a product, a service or a  brand produces a modest effect in time. After 3 months from its publication it is  difficult to remember what we have read or commented about it.

Very different  is the on-line situation: an unfavourable post in a blog, for example against an hotel, will appear every time on Google research results broadening and extending the negative effects towards new potential clients.

It is a strategic start for each business to initiate a PR activity on-line exploiting the viral effect amplified by  research motors towards the  final users who look up  information, a thorough analysis or details about certain products or services.

At the  same  time, together with the  on-line viral  spreading through  ad hoc information it is important to  set up a channel monitoring  what is  present in the net,  at least over a  three months basis, with the aim to delineate the  best communication strategy not only  digital but off-line  as well.

Ask for a free costing and weigh up the cost-benefits of our service aimed at your  business, to manage on-line PR activities. 

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