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Why set up a Digital Audit?

The set up of a Digital audit is the start point for outlining a step-by-step path towards digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a growing route to projecting companies towards a better future with the use of all the technologies available today to allow the optimization of costs and on the other hand an improvement in commercial performance.

This in not an easy and immediate path, because it clashes with a constant development of technological solutions offered and also with an managerial culture focused on the necessary investments. The Digital Audit proposed by E-Business Consulting is a tool available for companies to assess the current digital scenario in the company with an external subject not involved in the subsequent sale of technological and IT solutions.

Only through an aseptic analysis, with the knowledge of the opportunities offered by the different digital solutions on the market, a company can start to build his own digital transformation. And also improves its internal process of saving budget, coordination of organizational flows, customer management and commercial development.

However, the beginning of this process is a careful evalutation of all the technical, digital and technological solutions implemented by the company, trying to understand what can be improved with the integration of any other solutions in line with business objectives and benchmark sector.

To understand better this step, it is essential to be clear about what has happened over the last ten years in the tecnological field and focus on the new challenges for the companies We provide some examples:

  • Omnicanality
  • Industry 4.0
  • Blockchain
  • Augmented Reality
  • etc.

Only partner with transversal competences, active on the digital market since 2003, make a digital audit possible for digital strategy and define the necessary investments. It must not be forgotten that the implementation of advanced technological solutions requires dedicated people with exclusive and specific training.

In companies we often find applications or suites with high license costs, not used because the person responsible has changed role or company and . . . has not been replaced. The use of advanced and very expensive solutions it is not always the right way for business growth, because to manage complicated technologies we need qualified people.

In this context, we also support companies in complex digital set up projects, such as Sales Force, helping sales and marketing functions. We define the processes and specifications required for the IT department and for system integrator, to build the necessary automatisms.

Are you interested in deepening the topic and are you interested in talking with E-Business Consulting about the digital audit offered? Contact us now and analyse with us the best scenario for your needs. Request your free quote now.

Why set up a Digital Audit?

The set up of a Digital audit is the start point for outlining a step-by-step path towards digital transformation in Italy. 02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting