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XIth eCommerce Forum

  • E-BC and Intesys together for the Digital Transformation

The eleventh edition of eCommerce Forum, one of the main meeting points for all the professionals operating in the business of eCommerce in Italy in Italy, will be held during the dates of 18th and 19th May at the MiCo of Milan. The plenary lecture of the first day of eCommerce Forum will focus on the topic of Digital Transformation: the event will be opened with a speech of this kind reiterates and emphasizes the importance that digital plays within the current context. These changes concern both the demand and the offer of the digital market and the companies operating within the sector need to transform and evolve through the digitization which is driven, precisely, by eCommerce.

The approach that has to be used in order to help companies to face this constant evolution of processes and business strategies is an integrated one: the advice offered by digital agencies must not only deal with the technological infrastructure but also the one of the business processes and of the communicative and promotional approach to the market. It is for this reason that E-Business Consulting, advertising agency focused on the optimization of online advertising campaigns, and Intesys, technological digital agency focused on the creation of digital projects such as eCommerce portals, marketplaces and development of enterprise software, has decided to participate jointly to the eleventh edition of eCommerce Forum. A choice which is not only strategic but also functional to the growing needs of companies that need both upstream and downstream advisory services in order to face the digital transformation in the best way.

The two partners, leveraging their respective expertise synergistically, are able to accompany the client company through all the functional steps to achieving the success of an eCommerce site: from consultancy to building the technological infrastructure up to the launch of the portal through the joint use of the main tools of digital marketing and the subsequent monitoring of performance and achieved sales.

E-Business Consulting and Intesys will be present with a stand, respectively in F9 position for E-Business Consulting and F10 to Intesys, at eCommerce Forum and they will provide a 360° consultancy in the management of the best strategies to be implemented for the realization and consequent promotion an eCommerce site.