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  • Analysis of the most important direct tool

The decades of experience of E-Business Consulting are now available for all its clients and business operators: during the IAB Forum 2014, the agency, leader in digital advertising and online communication, will dedicate a workshop to Email Marketing in order to present the results of an online survey which was realized with the aim to outline the use of the tool by Italian companies. ‘Email Marketing Check Up. Analysis of the most important direct tool’ will consider all the factors that can affect the state of an Email Marketing campaign that’s to say the realization of creative materials, the implementation of the tracking codes and the correct interpretation of the data.

Within an economic and social context which is in constant evolution, it is important to stop and try to understand what are the innovations and the changes in consumer behavior  that have modified the strategies of interaction on the Web, in particular of Email and newsletters. One of the most important innovations regards the use of graphics in responsive web design used in order to ensure the correct display of the communication within the mobile devices but it isn’t the unique fact that has to be taken in consideration if you want to properly analyze the state of health of the instrument. The comprehension of the motivations that drive a company to prefer the use of newsletters rather than DEM campaigns or to rely on a specialized agency rather than a Media Center is very useful for all the adv operators in order to understand the best ways to  approach to customers and the right mix of skills offered in order to achieve the marketing goals.

The workshop ‘Email Marketing Check-Up: analysis of the most important direct tool’ will be held on November, 26th at the MiCo in Milan at 15.00. Francesca Girotto and Stefano Masiero will not be limited to the presentation of the results of the research but they will try to stimulate discussion with participants having regard the opportunity of sharing that every year IAB Forum gives to their participants.

To sign up to the workshop you have to register at IAB Forum.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting