What is a raffle?

  • The raffle is an innovative engagement tool particulary used by some famous brands to launch and sell products online and offline

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The raffle is a sort of lottery, linked to launch events, in which the participants can exclusively purchase certain products, usually in a limited edition.

This marketing strategy creates high expectations around the product, especially for the “Sneakerheads”, the most passionate consumers of individual brands who are looking for a cheaply model in limited edition.

Raffles have a limited time in which participants can register to participate. Usually the client must fill out a form with their personal data and consent their processing, according to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In most cases the registration process is free and when the time limit of the lottery has expired, the random extraction takes place. Each participant receives an email with the result of the extraction and in case of winnings, the cost of the product can be immediately charged or alternatively, it is sent a second email concerning the payment procedure to conclude the purchase.

The raffle has different advantages: the customer can participate in a private lottery and buy limited edition products online at an attractive price. An alternative Engagement of the consumers is created from social networks like Facebook and Instagram, where the raffle is shared in order to increase the Awareness among users-consumers.

On the other hand, the company may decide to create a raffle on certain products in order to realize a database and profile its customers. In addition, a digital loyalty system is created: it is possible to maintain contact with its customers, sending informations, promotions and communications relating to the company's new products.

Finally, focusing on the concept of "scarcity of the good", raffle helps to make the product unique, exclusive and highly attractive and this marketing strategy makes each launch a real event that Call the customer toAction. In addition, the limited offer provides additional value to the brand, thus helping to outline and strengthen the Brand Identity.

An example, is the raffle organized by Nike for the collection of sneakers The Tend, in collaboration with Off-White, an Italian streetwear and luxury fashion brand. To enter the lottery, the customer had to access at his NikePlus personal profile or register for free and, in case of winnings, the cost of the product can be immediately charged, because the customer during registration had already provided all the payment informations. These sweepstakes are in fact particularly suitable and widespread among international brands such as Nike and Adidas, who use their Brand Reputation to organize these lottery.

E-Business Consulting is active since 2007 in the organization and management, turnkey, of sweepstakes and prize operations online and offline. Many leading companies have relied on E-Business Consulting for the organization in Italy of sweepstakes including: Coca Cola, Wind, Enel and Intesa San Paolo group.

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