Webinar: LinkedIn ADV

  • How to create ADV campaigns that work on LinkedIn? Find out at E-Business Consulting's free Webinar on Wednesday 3 March.

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The month of March opens with the third date of our series of free Webinars organized by E-Business Consulting, which will focus on a Social Network full of potential: LinkedIn, the social network created ad hoc to generate contacts in the job market.

In recent years, more and more users have created accounts on LinkedIn, making positive use of the resources and opportunities that this Social Network offers. In fact, it should not be confused with job posting platforms, which are limited to posting offers and offering the opportunity to apply for various positions.

LinkedIn is a real online community, which allows you to post job ads or send curriculum vitae, but also allows you to generate links between colleagues, companies, partners, organize and participate in online events, join groups where you can share their doubts or knowledge, according to a logic of exchange and collective intelligence.

The platform is constantly evolving, so much so that it has recently introduced some new features, including Stories, which allow the user to share important professional moments quickly and easily, and LinkedIn Newsletters on request.

In the field of Advertising, investing in LinkedIn campaigns is worthwhile, because it is a social network that gives very detailed information on the target audience: it not only shows the job position, but also the name of the company and its size.

LinkedIn Advertising offers the possibility of creating four types of campaigns, depending on the objectives to be pursued. They are:

  • Sponsored Content;
  • Sponsored InMail;
  • Dynamic Ads;
  • Text Ads.

The webinar will follow the following thematic path:

  • Why having a Social Media Strategy is important: to exploit social channels in a strategic and innovative way;
  • Introduction to LinkedIn: characteristics and dynamics of the social;
  • Audience Overview: who uses LinkedIn, how and for what purposes;
  • Structure of the Platform;
  • ADV campaigns: types, formats and tricks to make them more effective.

Do you want to find out how to manage and implement successful social ADV campaigns? Contact E-Business Consulting, a digital marketing agency active since 2003, and request a free quote!


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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting