Webinar Customer Management

  • How to best manage the customer database? Find more on Wednesday 11 November at the free webinar organized by E-Business Consulting.

Webinar Customer management

Fifth appointment in the series of free webinars of 2020 created by E-Business Consulting: this time the protagonist will be CRM, or how to best manage the customer database and what are the optimal tools to maximize the relationship.

With the advent of the digital revolution, the relationship with customers has profoundly changed and the opportunities for contact (touchpoints) and engagement in the customer journey have multiplied. It is therefore essential to put the customer at the center of one's business strategies, listening to him and understanding his wishes and needs.

However, we must not forget that CRM is not just technology: but a set of strategies for involvement, actions, processes, an operational mentality in everyday life with the customer. Customer relationship management must become a fil rouge that pervades every moment and every element of an organization, to create strong communities, a careful and lasting relationship.

What activities to undertake to maintain relationships with customers, from an omnichannel perspective? How to organize and enrich your database to respond efficiently and effectively to customer needs?

On Wednesday 11 November, E-Business Consulting will explore the issue of customer management, providing some ideas on how to improve the approach by providing suggestions to provide integrated experiences on all touch points.

Take part in the E-Business Consulting CRM webinar for free on Wednesday 11 November by clicking HERE.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting