Webinar: Influencer Marketing

  • How can the influencer marketing help your company to grow? Find out at the E-Business Consulting free webinar on Wednesday 17th February.

Webinar: Influencer Marketing

The second date of the 2021 for our free webinar series organized by E-Business Consulting will focus on a current topic that is becoming more popular: influencer marketing, the communication tool that take advantage on the involvement and reputation of social media influencers to broadcast messages and establish a direct relationship with the audience.

The spread of the social networks, in particular those based on the image cult such as Instagram, has given to bottom-up producers to gain a faithful base of followers, and the fashion, travel and beauty sectors have already started to use the influencer marketing, reaching high performances.

The historical and cultural context has promoted horizontal relationships between brand ambassadors and consumers: the last ones can communicate directly with the influencers, receive some advice, establish a sort of virtual friendship that a vertical and top-down form of communication may not provide.

Nowadays the consumers do want to interact with individuals they can identify with: if the 80s was the golden decade of the unreachable testimonial, today many people prefer the common touch and the possibility to have a real dialogue.

Eventually it is important to understand how the world of the influencer marketing works, the social dynamics that develop in such a context, potentialities, risks and the strategies to use to make this tool efficient.

In particular, this webinar will develop around the following thematic path:

  • Context analysis: the situation nowadays, its evolution in the years;
  • Who is the influencer and what does influencer marketing mean?
  • Why choosing the influencer marketing and for which sectors does it work properly?
  • Selection of the influencers and their management;
  • Goals, channels and activities to set;
  • Challenges to take into consideration;
  • 2021 trends.

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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting