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Web Users May 2013

  • Audiweb revealed the details of Internet audience in May 2013 in Italy

In Italy, users who logged to the internet through pc, at least one time in May 2013, are 28,5 million, recording an increase of +1,3% compared to May 2012.

Related to 2012, the average daily audience of the Internet has decreased by -0,1%, arriving at 14,2 million users: on an average day, the most active target belong to the age group 35-54 years old (typically identified with working people) and represent 47,6% of active users.

Another interesting fact concerns the increase of users connected to the Internet (+1,7%) passing from 40,5 million in May 2012 to over 41 million in May 2013

Making a distinction based on gender, the analysis shows that, on an average day, 7,8 million of men are online. The age group more connected on the average day is the one which goes from 35 to 54 years (47,6%). On the average day, women online are 6,4 million. The age group which goes from 35 to 54 years is connected on average for 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Young people (25 – 34 years) which represent 18% of online users, are more connected on the average day arriving to 1 hour and 37 minutes while the age group which goes from 18 to 24 years (10% of online users) is connected to the Internet for 1 hour and 38 minutes.

The number of users on an average day and total in a month is increasing, and the daily time devoted to surf the Internet reaches 1 hour and 25 minutes, with +7,3% if compared to May 2012 (1 hour and 19 minutes). The average number of pages viewed per person reduced from 140 in 2012 to 123 in 2013 (-11,6%).

On one hand this data could indicate a continuous improvement of technologies related to internet speed, and, on the other hand, an Italian audience increasingly oriented to find information surfing the Web.

The time slot between 18.00 and 21.00 records the peak of active users (52,9% of active users). Other slots in scalar order for the number of active users are 15.00 to 18.00 time slot (51,9%), 12.00-15.00 (50,6%) and 9.00 – 12.00 and 21.00-00.00 (43,2%).

The area of ​​the South of Italy and the Islands appears to be one with the highest number of active users, recording daily an average of 4,3 million users (30,5% of the population). On the average day, 3,8 million users are active in the North-West (26,4%), 2.3 million in the Centre (16,3%) and 2.1 million in the North-East (15%).

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