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  • Data on Internet advertising revenues in January-December 2010 have been published and compared to the same period of 2009. On a monthly basis there was an increase of 20,4% while in 2010 compared to 2009 mark an increase of 13,5%.

Data on Internet advertising revenues in January-December 2010 have been published  and compared to the same period of 2009. On a monthly basis there was an increase of 20,4% while in 2010 compared to 2009 mark an increase of 13,5%.

From December 2010 are included in the panel of observation also the data for the search without prejudice to the lack of information from Google that is not available to provide its data collection.

In 2010 the growth of the three types was as follows: Display +21,6%; Affiliate +8,4% and Search +7,3%. The data in December 2010 for the three types under consideration was: Display +30,8%; Affiliate +10,3% and Search +8,9%.

The Federation chaired by Carlo Poss noted that “ With the data for the month of December, a particularly positive and important year for the Internet in Italy ends. Going into detail of the numbers in the period January –December 2010, we want to underline the incredible growth of Display (classic tabular campaign) which stands at +21,6% over last year, Affiliate +8,4% and from this month we go back to photographing the world of Search (+7,3%), as we remember also contained within our "estimate" for Google Search ".



DISPLAY= On page + off page + Video Adv + Mobile Advertising direct + Mobile advertising display + Newsletter/e-mail advertising + other types

SEARCH= Keywords/search adv

AFFILIATE= Performance + Classified/Directories

The values represent the advertising revenues (aggregated by type of product) of the Dealers who declare their data at the Observatory FCP-Assointernet.

For the type Search the figure includes the estimated value by the Observatory FCP-Assointernet of Google revenues.

The Dealers who claim their data at the Observatory FCP-Assointernet are:

AdLink hi Media; Arcus; Banzai; Buongiorno; ClassPubblicità; Dada; Ed. Condé Nast; Finelco; Hachette Rusconi; Leonardo ADV; Manzoni; Matrix; Mediamond; Microsoft MSN.IT; Publikompass; Publitalia; Rcs; Reed Business; Sky Pubblicità; Sipra; SPE; Sportnetwork; Tag Advertising; TGADV; Tiscali; WebAds; Websystem Il Sole 24 Ore; Wind Libero Advertising; Yahoo!Italia.

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