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Video for Social Marketing

  • Interest for online videos is growing and viewers are turning to social media to share contents they liked

In January 2012, a new report was published by Ooyala, leader in online video management, offering a quarterly overview (from July to September 2011) of the state of online video. Anonymized  data, taken in companies in over 30 different countries, were based on Ooyala analytics, representing the viewing behavior of over 100 million monthly global unique users.

People are watching more and more online video. Across the entire data set, the average conversion rate increased in the third quarterly of 2011 (Q3), rised to 35.1% from 32.6% in the previous period considered. The average time watched per play also grew significantly (+26.5% in Q3).

The first finding of the research is that device type and screen size matter, for time dedicated and also for engagement. People who watched on a tablet were the most engaged (30% more viewing time per play) and more than twice as likely to finish an entire video than viewers on a desktop. Apple and Android account for more than 90% of the video hours played on tablets and mobile devices across Ooyala’s database. Conversion rates were higher for Android, but viewer engagement rates were higher on iPads.

The average time watched per play was 28% longer on tablets than desktops and laptops, which are far more likely to be used to watch short clips. The video completion rate for mobile devices was 75%, versus a 25% for desktop counterparts, but still smaller of about 30% if compared to tablets. This could depend on the fact people are using more and more smartphones, abandoning personal computers for activities not related to work.

Viewer engagement was generally higher on mobile devices (20%) than on desktops (18%), even for long videos. Mobile devices accounted for the biggest share of total hours played in Q3 (48%), while connected TV devices and game consoles registered only 6.4% of total hours played. Social TV revolution has just started, but there are strong signals that viewers progressively could prefer to engage social media and video content together. In fact, video played on connected TV devices and game consoles grew more than 200% in the quarter considered, with a higher viewer-engagement rates than desktops.

Generally, viewers are turning to social media to share video content. Facebook is the most popular social network for video sharing, especially in countries like Taiwan, Italy and Australia. Video sharing on social network and the massive use of tablets and smartphones for video playing, could be conducted to the fact that viewers want to watch what they want, when they want and on whatever device they want. So will be this the base on which create the future of personalized media?

In this scenario, it has to be said video could become a central feature in promoting a business. Video could drive attention to a particular brand or product, it could engage users with a viral and curios idea, but more important is the fact a video could be something to share and comment with friend on social media, transforming engaged users in brand messengers.

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