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  • As time goes by the Video Advertising strategies are acquiring a significant role in the digital communication reality.

As time goes by the Video Advertising strategies are acquiring a significant role in the digital communication reality. Catalyst of users’ attention, allow companies to achieve great results in terms of branding. The Q3 2012 “Social Video Advertising Report” illustrates some examples of how this means has led companies, and not only, to have a great number of views to their promotional videos. The research has been conducted by Visible Measures, with the goal to verify which is the 2012 most performing brand in the video advertising landscape. The comparison has been done computing just the “user initiated” views, that are the ones that need the user’s click to watch the ads.

Topping the classification of the 2012 most performing video campaigns, we can find “The Beauty Inside” by Intel and Toshiba, an emotional history splitted into different short episodes. The campaign’s success is shown by data, over 52 millions of views. At the second place, the Samsung’s campaign to promote the release of its new SIII. Ironic and intentionally jeering against Apple users, its spot “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”  gained about 40 millions of views. In addition to the results gained with the original video, have to be taken into account the users’ positive reactions, which have uploaded by themselves related videos, spoofs and copies. At the third place there’s, with over 30 millions views and 100 correlated videos, DC shoes Company with the campaign “Gymkhana Five”.

But what happen if are the people who wants to promote themselves and not the companies? In that regard, it is noticeable an increasing trend: the use of the Video Advertising with political goals. An example of this is the online campaign for the 2012 U.S Presidential. The research by Visible Measures has shown that the struggle between the candidates, to the sound of “click to play”, has been pretty harsh. The principal battlefield has been YouTube, where Obama won in terms of video ads’ views (both organic and paid ads). It’s difficult to say how much this kind of online advertising helped the democratic candidate to be reelected, but for sure the online video campaign maintained an high level of voters’ participation, and allowed him to gain viral visibility of his messages.

The different exhibited uses of video advertising indicate that is a means that can be exploited in various contexts. Its success is due to the technological development of telecommunication instruments. The user is always online with multiple devices. According to the latest research by Nielsen, the 64% of Italian population owns a smartphone. This percentage is destined to grow in few years and, at the same time, the occasions for the users to enjoy video contents online are augmenting.

So it’s clear that there are new opportunities for companies to promote themselves online. E-Business Consulting, a qualified digital marketing company, is able to offer complete support and consulting to the companies which want to online video advertising activities.