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Video Advertising Guide

  • E-Business Consulting realizes a new guide on Video Advertising

It is available online the new Video Advertising Guide. After the guides Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Real Time Bidding, Google Adwords, Market Research and Mobile Marketing the attention of E-Business Consulting is addressed to the world of video and, in particular, the planning of Videos Campaigns.

The "Video Advertising Guide: Involve the Network" aims to highlight the importance covered by video in digital communication panorama.

Their role following an upward trend since nowadays the video medium occupies a large part of life of people who daily surf on Internet.

This guide also highlights the importance of other elements related to the world of video such as, for example, the video contest and a few key items that may mark the success of a video advertising campaign as, for example, the virality.

Download this e-book offers the opportunity to acquire some basic notions and principles of how you can structure a video campaign capturing all the advantages and possibilities offered by this tool.

The guide “Video Advertising: Involve the Network" is a free download at the following link.

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