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  • This year the IAB Seminar was held on October 18 and it was entirely dedicated to video, the number one communication medium in 2016 for the entire advertising industry.

Why does Video stand out?

To date, the Video advertising identifies a market characterized mainly by two factors: growth and innovation. The Video is able to reach a large user base thanks to his great characteristic: be engaging on an emotional level. Among its peculiarities also stands out the innate ability to adapt to many areas of communication or the versatility available in different formats. It is not to be underestimated, finally, that the medium Video creates important experiences of Branding in consumer users of this form of advertising.

In fact, it is the Advertising Video the piece that completes the translation from monoscreen, television medium which mainly performs only the entertainment function, the multi-screen, personal computers, smartphones, tablets and other interactive systems with different objectives, such as entertainment and information sharing.

Video Advertising in 2015 registered a value of around 360 million Euro and the forecast closure of 2016 are around to an amount that will grow around 30%, coming to occupy a market share of 20% of total Internet. Especially in Europe the value of videos as an advertising medium reached 3,3 billion Euro in 2015 alone, recording a percentage increase of +35,8.

What are the values ​​of Video in Italy?

Statistics show that the Italian people are very much inclined to watching videos which is confirmed by the fact that this year video advertising came to weigh about 500 million Euro.

In Italy, 100% of desktop users and 52% of mobile users said they have seen at least once an online video: nearly 16 million users claimed they watch videos via smartphones, 3,8 million of them do it daily, whereas 5 million users at least once per week.

Forecast for the future?

Surely the investments and the resulting gains arising from assets of Video Advertising are bound to increase. Indeed, according to some estimates in Italy in 2016 Advertising Video should reach 490 million Euros and show a growth of 34% compared to 2015. Creativity, quality and innovation will be the main topics on which to work to increase the success of the video.

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