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Video Adv: a new era

  • The video as a new frontier of digital advertising

The video advertising at the time is the media on which companies need to focus because it offers tools and creative ways to support the image of the various brands, with the aim to reach important business results.

This trend owes its greatest success in social networks that have developed new functionality for "help" the display. Videos for the web have the ability to transmit content and at the same time entertain users, thanks to the short length, formed of small size or expandable that allow for a publication of good quality without burdening the pages that host them, in addition, the detailed rules often direct and playful to communicate the message make these video a big attraction to entertain the public of all ages. The main quality that tends to look for in video production in fact is the virality because it is precisely this characteristic that allows you to exploit the Word of mouth and help the spread of the content, in addition to do branding.

Facebook, You Tube, Google Play and Instagram are focusing on this tool to offer new opportunities for businesses.

Facebook, which last year has implemented a change in viewing the video by inserting the auto-play in the news section, a few days ago has announced the possibility for the user to measure views of a video content; Instagram uses video as they were coupon to obtain discounts bringing users in the points of sale of a given brand; You Tube and Google Play focus on entertainment.

The video advertising owes its great success, in part to the spread of mobile devices and smartphones of last generation, which allow access to this content also in mobility, offering opportunities for entertainment throughout the day.

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