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Trademark protection on Google

  • Thinking about rules used by Google for brand protection on Keyword Advertising Campaign.

Posting from Adwords Editor a  Google campaign in which there  are keywords of  the most important brand from electronics industry, the result is that a group of themed ads  based on a  keyword of a big Asian multinational firm is not allowed to be published:

The message is:

In accordance with the rules on trademarks is not permitted to use “S...” in Google Adwords. The term may be the trademark of a product or a service category and may be valid only  in some countries.

But… Wasn’t really Google that  won on March 23th 2010 a long trial against Luis Vuitton because he did not violate any right of trademark protection allowing advertisers to buy keywords corresponding to their competitors?

And wasn’t really  Google, again, on September 14th 2010, who communicated that it had changed its policy, giving the possibility to use trademarks as keywords to buy ads on Adwords conforming its policy  with North America ones, where there are no restrictions on the use of trademarks of others to sponsor your own business?

Google has always promised transparency and consistency for both the multinational and the small advertiser that public campaigns on Adwords.

But why are the rules unequal even if it is talking about conformity?

Some big corporations still have the possibility to stop the advertising in which there are their brands  and to give only to some important advertisers the green light to use their brand on it.   

In this case the law isn’t actually equal for everybody.

But, in part, it is possible to bypass this rule on the publication of the marks by inserting some words that contain only a part of the name of a brand otherwise impossible to published.

In this way isn’t the user penalized when he doesn’t receive clear and complete information during his research on Google?

Under a monopoly system like that of Google in Europe it’s difficult to find an high level of equity. So we only ask for more consistency on what is preached and on what the rules really are.  

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