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Top Ten in Internet

  • Third quarter of 2012 shows how Italian people love to surf search engines, portals and social networks.

Nielsen’s data about the Internet world are online and they are related to the third quarter of 2012 in Italy, Internet population grows by 0,4% and it reaches 55 million users. This growth is compared to the previous reporting period (September 2011). We can note largest increases if we analyze the connection rate and the time spent online by people: active users during the month increase by 6,4%, reaching 28 million users, while during the average day we can observe an increase of active users of 11%. The users on average remain connected to the Web for about 1 hour, 22 minutes and 53 seconds (+0,6% if compared to September 2011) even if the Web pages they view decrease by 17,4%, going from 171 in 2011 to 141 in September of this year.

Among the most visited sites we can fine search engines, used by 91,9% of active users who surf them for about one hour, general portals, chosen by 87% of active surfers and social networks, communities and blogs, placed in third position with a catchment area of over 24 million (85,3% of active users) and an average time per person of 7 hours and 18 minutes. By scrolling the top ten of most visited web sites of Internet we can find the portals of software producers (such like Microsoft and Apple), chosen by 78,2% of active surfers, movies and videos websites (73,4%) and Emails (66,8%).

The ranking of the Internet Mobile has some changes if compared to the one analyzed previously. Number one on the websites categories are infact general portals, visited by 20 million of users (99,4% of users active on the mobile), followed by search engines (82,8%) and news and events (56,7%). A step behind the podium we can find activities like checking the email (56,5% of active users on the mobile), checking weather (49,5%) and entertainment (47,3%).

Going to analyze the audience of Internet applications we can see the top three occupied by Microsoft products: Windows Media Player is on top (used by 41,3% of active surfers), Skype (34,9%), on which people spend on average 1 hour and 19 minutes and Windows Live Messenger (28,1%). In the ranking we can also find VLC Media Player (19% of active users), iTunes (16,1%) and uTorrent (11,2%).