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  • To have an efficient communication it is important to affect the consumer’s emotions

First of all the communication hasn’t to be predictable.

The predictability is boring, it brings down the attention and it makes you forget all the informations just received.

Which is the best strategy to obtain a successful communication? Work for the unexpected. Today, unpredictability is the synonymous of success.

Sometimes some advertisings can’t reach the hoped success because they use old plans and don’t encourage  the loved sense of disorientation. All these elements can be useful to realize a successful online communication.

Internet has brought new techniques, communication tools that have allowed us to give importance to all the different opinions and services that people, companies or societies can offer in real-time and in all parts of the world.

Internet today is synonymous of velocity but you have to know how to control because it is as so easy to capture the consumer's attention as to lose it. Because of it is really important to know how to manage the online advertising.

The Online advertising offers sophisticated tools that permit you to control the return of investment and they are more efficient than the traditional media; it permits a greater control and freedom for the consumers, but the most important innovation is the possibility to supervise the results of the campaigns in real-time and obtain more reliable data.

The Mobile is spreading; in Italy there are about 30 million operative mobile users (46% Smartphones and 14,6% Tablets).

This development marks the passage between the offline communication to the online communication and it introduces different innovations like as: the maximum flexibility because it is possible to choose and implement specific functions depending on the own objective. Everyone can reach everyone without wasting  time and moneys.

The Brand Awareness, a phenomenon that, if its well-used throw social networks and online campaign, can increase exponentially the reputation of the company.

Anyway the passage between the offline communication and the online communication sometimes can be not so easy, in particular for companies, that till now have based their communication on unidirectional relationship using all mass media like as the press, television and the radio.

So it is really important that every companies start to work with the online communication because only in this way they can reach their consumers and they can also take advantage of the viral effect that many online tools offer.

However, moving throughout this sector that changing continuously, it can be useful find someone that knows well the world of online advertising and communication.

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