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The turning of the Internet Economy

  • In the Italian market, 2010 proved to be a major revolution for Internet Economy that reaches a growth rate of 10% compared to 2009.

In the Italian market, 2010 proved to be a major revolution for Internet Economy that reaches a value of 31.6 billion Euros and a growth rate of 10% compared to 2009. These data are collected from a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group.

The turning point of the Web has been marked by an increase in consumption in tourism, IT, insurance and clothes which have experienced the following positive trends:

-          E-commerce Growth, with a +14% increase compared to 2009;

-          Positive trend for Advertising with a + 15%;

-          Active users growth a +1.6% compared to 2009;

-          Registered domains Increase of a +11% ;

In overall terms, relating both direct and indirect impact of the Internet on the Italian economy, it recorded a turnover of 56 billion Euros. If the Internet would be considered as a market sector, its growth would be  8% of the Italian PIL (GDP).

The E-Commerce records the best positive trend for the last year. Barriers that distinguished Italian consumers to purchase seem outdated and trade such as clothing and tourism score growth rates of +15% between 2009.

ROPO value is also important, ROPO are all purchases of goods took place in the real economy but only after a process of information acquisition through the web. Consumption for this type of activity are 17 billion Euros, that trend confirms the importance of the Internet as a very effective communication tool.

Closely related to this phenomenon is the growth of advertising market, that scores a + 11% compared to 2009. In fact, the companies that fully embrace the Web 2.0 philosophy are reporting the best sales due to advertising activities, search engines optimization, direct marketing campaign and the development of business pages on social networks.

Last but not least factor that has contributed to this change for 2010 is the growth of smart-phone users owners with whom you can be connected to the Internet 24/7 with full mobility and free from space and time limitations. Italy is the European country with more connections from mobile devices.

The 2010 confirms the importance of the Internet not only as a communication vehicle but as a real competitive driver, capable of changing and influencing important market mechanisms. Even the future trend seems to confirm the strong expansion of the Web and its ability to be more of an essential competitive tool for businesses and for entire market sectors.