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The top ten on the Web in Italy

  • Nielsen reveals the Top Ten of the most visited sites: first are search engines with 23,3 million users (92% of total), 10% more than in 2010.

Nielsen reveals audience data and trend for the first two months of 2011. Internet users keep on growing in February with 25,4 million of active users in Italy, 11% more compared with February 2010, also on a daily basis are 12,8 million the active users, with an increase of 9% on 2011.

But the interesting data that Nielsen reveals is the ranking of the Top Ten most visited sites online: in first position the search engines with 23,3 million active people in the month (92% of total), 10% more than in 2010. In second place the generalist portals and communities with 22 million of active surfers (+8,4% in the year), in third place with 21,4 million, there are the social media (social networks, blogs and forums), with 11% more than in February 2010. Movies and video sites increased by 14,4% with 18 million unique users. An interesting data from the  research is the time spent surfing on social networks in Italy: 8 hours and 45 minutes per person, far exceeding the time spent on other categories.

 An increase  also in people using Internet applications, reaching 21,1 million in February, 7% more than 2010. Stable positions in the early Windows applications (Live Messenger with 11,2 million unique users and Media Player with 10,2 million), reducing even more the gap between the two: the first fact, last year recorded a growth of 4 %, while the latter grew by 30%,now only a few tens of units separating them. VLC Media Player follows the charts, with 4,7 million users (+52% and +19,1 in the year on a monthly basis) and iTunes (3 million, +46% annual growth), and there is a very high increase for uTorrent (2,3 million, +43%), Picasa (1,4 million, +32%) and Offerbox, which continues to climb the rankings reaching in a few months after his birth the fifth position among the most frequently used applications (3, 1 million users, an increase of 12,2%).

What comes from the Nielsen rankings is the unstoppable growth of Skype, the application that allows you to communicate on the web for free and in real time without any device or geographical limitation, which reaches 6,9 million users with an audience increase of +49% in the year. This is a consequence of the fact that Skype has begun to firmly focus on the mobile world, exponentially increasing the number of users connected to the service to keep alive their own accounts for chats and calls without any cost. In March was in fact registered a new record on the web: on March 28, 30 million of users were connected to the Internet at once. Growth is expected to increase driven by the rise of smartphones in Italy and the awareness on the advantage gained by using the VoIP service on mobile devices.