The tools of Digital Marketing

  • E-Business presents the new operating manual for Online Advertising, available on Amazon in E-Book and paper versions.

2021 is a year of great news and projects: among these we highlight the publication of the book "The tools of Digital Marketing", a set of operational guidelines aimed at providing comprehensive and operational information on online advertising.

In particular, this volume aims to analyze the main tools with which it is possible to create and manage digital marketing campaigns, namely:

  • Email Marketing, one of the first contact tools developed during the digital evolution, but which still represents an important opportunity to communicate with customers;
  • Google Ads, Google's advertising platform, the most used in the world with all the different tools available to advertisers;
  • Main Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok to use them in the most appropriate way, staying up to date on the latest trends;
  • Programmatic Advertising: the digital process that allows data to intercept the right user at the right time with the most appropriate tool;
  • Online Market Research, how to use digital technology to collect real-time information on customers and business opportunities at reduced costs;
  • Mobile Marketing, how to carry out the best marketing actions with the tool in the pockets and in the hands of all users.

This manual was born from a path of training, study, collection of useful information and best practices, applied to real contexts.

E-Business Consulting has been active since 2003 and has experienced first-hand the changes produced by the advent of digital, the spread of new mass media and the birth of the so-called "prosumers" (consumers who are at the same time producers of content and meanings).

The digital context is constantly changing, and it is always good to stay tuned to technological and social developments and relational dynamics between consumers and brands; for this we have prepared an updated manual up to the latest innovations introduced in online marketing at the beginning of the year.

The book also presents graphs and diagrams to facilitate reading and is divided into paragraphs and subparagraphs so as to make it easier to identify the topic for which consultation is needed.

"The tools of Digital Marketing" can be purchased both in E-Book and paper format on Amazon HERE.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting