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  • How to best manage the social editorial plan? Find out more on 25 November at the free webinar organized by E-Business Consulting

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Sixth and final appointment of the series of free webinars of 2020 created by E-Business Consulting: on this occasion, the focus of the videoconference will be the social editorial plan, to understand what and how to communicate through the main social networks.

Social media have revolutionized the relationship between companies and customers, giving the latter the power to express themselves, express and judge the goodness of a product or service. How many of us, for example, check out the different reviews before going to a new restaurant or hotel. It is no longer just the companies that communicate, but now it is the users, the potential customers, who speak, confront each other, decreeing or not the success of a commercial or marketing initiative.

The communication paradigm has therefore been reversed: now it is companies that must learn to reach their users by exploiting and managing all possible touch points in the best possible way, knowing that digital is synonymous with speed and therefore certain problems and discussions must be addressed immediately with clarity and transparency avoiding epic fall.

If on the one hand today with the explosion of digital technology also due to the Covid effect it is essential to be present on the main social networks, on the other hand it is essential to have a correct strategy and planning.

But which social networks to use? How to structure an editorial plan? What to communicate and how?

On Wednesday 25 November, E-Business Consulting will answer these and other questions by analyzing the different ways of planning an editorial plan, providing ideas and best practices for effective communication on social media.

Take part in the webinar on the social editorial plan of E-Business Consulting on Wednesday 25 November for free by clicking HERE.

E-Business Consulting, a marketing agency active since 2003 and more than 15 years of experience, can support your company in choosing the most suitable social networks and developing the best growth path on social networks.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting