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  • On 4th of July took place in Milan the “Real Time Bidding” Iab seminar

On 4th of July took place in Milan the “Real Time Bidding” Iab seminar. An innovative and widespread methodology that allows advertisers to acquire advertising spaces in real time, taking advantage of the great targeting opportunities.

In spite of in U.S.A the RTB has already an important appeal, it represents the 30% of the advertising spending, the data show that Italian market instead is less inclined to make use of this  tool.

In a moment in which is fundamental  to seize on new opportunities to set more efficient and effective communication process, it is necessary to be able to use the occasion. It’s not enough to be present, you need to anticipate  the future.

This is the reason, as declared by the Iab Italia general manager Fabiano Lazzarini, that drove Iab to organize a conference that deals with the Real Time Bidding; to inform! An information that goes over the simple notions broadcasting, but that has its real goal in the experiences and knowledge sharing to develop new communicational methodologies.

There have been different lecturers that brought their experiences with the RTB. It has to be mentioned Duncan Hammond, Monetization Development manager at The Guardian, which has shown how this tool allowed them to optimize the revenues. It’s even emerged the importance of data analysis to develop efficient and effective communication strategies. Nowadays it’s important to collect information about customers’ preferences to make marketing plans as much as possible focused on their needs. It is so necessary, to make a correct use of RTB, to study the audience target.

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