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The power of Web

  • Even if the investment in media is in decline, reaching 16,7 billions in 2011, new digital media keep growing showing an increase by 7% (reaching 5.3 billions).

The whole media market has been declining in 2011, with a decrease by -1%:  the cause of this negative trend can be ascribed to the slowing down in the traditional media advertising spending  (-5%).

According to a research conducted by the “Politecnico di Milano”, the new media, above all social networks and mobile media, are contrariwise growing (+7%).

In Italy is rising a new way to make use of digital contents and to approach the web. The internet is evolving: Italian people  are increasingly using new devices (smartphones, tablets and connected tv) instead of Personal computers.

The new Internet is positively affecting the digital media market: the advertising spending in mobile media, pc media and tablet media (which account for the 9.5% of the whole market in 2011) is growing. The new media keep rising reaching 5.3 billions, the most relevant data regards the increment in advertising spending (more than 70%) deriving from the development of the mobile internet and of apps .

It is also noticeable that social networks have doubled their advertising receipts. Social Networks have two functions: on one hand they attract new investors, and on the other hand they spread contents and increase the visibility of other media.

It is so necessary for publishers to adapt to the new Internet: rapresented by iPad, smartphones and tv connected to the network. The experts should help companies in facing this new scenario, using their knowledge of the new context and of the strategic levers available.

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