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The Performance Marketing

  • In an economic crisis context, in which investments are calibrated for the return of the business results, performance marketing becomes the online marketing strategy able to achieve company goals.

Performance Marketing is a new leverage in the Italian Market, it represents 6% of online investments: this is the starting point for the considerations presented at the first IAB Seminar of 2013.

The trend for companies is to use this strategy in order to satisfy their needs, which include the planning of communication tools related to the achieved results. This happens in a context in which the market of Lead Generation is still under exploited and the Sales Generation one is growing.

In Italy, the financial environment (insurance, bank accounts, loans, mortgages, broker) is one of the business sectors most oriented to the lead. But the interest for all the rest of the market is growing.

As time goes by the Performance Marketing evolves, and it progresses from the simple banner planning to a multi-channel approach which involves the entire online marketing strategy(coupons, email marketing and search engine marketing to mention a few). The ojective is to achieve valued and qualified leads and to create a relationship with them.

In this context, business experts have to become a point of reference for the companies that want to maximize their investments in communication. Effectively, we have to define three macro variables from which we have to start: type of selected media (traditional or digital), push or pull strategy and quantity and quality of the content.

Then, we have to define the strength points on which we have to work in order to achieve the goals and obtain a successful performance campaign. In fact, even if the attention to the selected networks is important, it can’t be the crucial dimension of a possible failure. The creativity of the communication, a structured landing page, the stream of achievement of the conversion, the right level of engagement required by the user and structured tracking systems for each involved medium are all elements that affect the possible success of a lead campaign.

A continuous and constructive collaboration with digital specialists (such like E-Business Consulting) should therefore be structured. E-Business Consulting is a company specialized in activities of Lead Generation (exclusive or comparticipated) and it develops performance strategies starting from the definition of the target market, arriving to the creation of the best formula of commercial promotion