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  • Appointment with IAB on Programmatic Advertising

Yesterday, 13th October, during IAB event that took place in Milan, several exponents of Digital sector discussed and shared strategies about Programmatic Advertising, analyzing opportunities and investments about this theme in the European and international panorama.

Up-to-day Programmatic Advertising represents an uprising interesting market in continuous expansion thanks to its high potential. The data demonstrate that in 2014 Programmatic rise till 70,5% in the European market, becoming first player nowadays in the Advertising industry.

The Programmatic Advertising is reaching more and more approval: in 2014 this tool has produced a revenue share of 40% of the total Adv Dekstop Display. Mobile Advertising generated by automatized platforms represents 27%, while Video one achieved a great result if compared to 6.1% of the previous year. The great dynamism in this sector is due to two relevant elements: Mobile and Video. The Mobile Programmatic registers +240% and it amounts 552 million of Euro, while Video Programmatic was almost 205 million of Euro reaching a value equal to 176%.

If we consider the USA market, in 2014 Programmatic’s turnover was roughly 10.1 billion of Dollars, while in Italy the Programmatic Advertising highlights an annual progress approximately estimates around 110 million of Euro.

In 2015 marketers, publishers and media advertiser pay more attention to this phenomenon. And what are the forecasts for 2016? It’s  expected that Programmatic Adv is going to weight out between 40% and 45% of the digital sector.


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