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  • According to the “Watch&Buy” Report published on March 2013 the world of media has gone through a 2012 rich of contraddictions

According to the “Watch&Buy” Report published on March 2013, a three months based report by Nielsen that collects information about media’s trends and consumers’ behavioral habits, the world of media has gone through a 2012 rich of contraddictions. In fact, even if researches about TV's data collection indicate that reach and time spent for contents fruition have increased and, at the same time time, the number of active internet users has increased too (thanks to the inception of Tablet-Smartphones Surfers), in exchange has been registered a downturn of advertising investments for all the media. The only positive data concerns the online advertising spending, +5,3% compared to 2011.

In an economic contest in which, compared to 2011, the GDP decreased by -2,7%, the inflation and unemployment rates increased ( +2,3% and 1,8% respectively), does not surprise if the italians' trust index has decreased. Consequence of this situation has been the reduction and rationalization of shopping. Consumers' solutions to control their cash outflow have been the increase of shopping frequency and the reduction of number of products purchased.  

In this scenario, retailers have actualized various activities to contain the sell reduction of branded products.  The research points out some of these initiatives, which reflect new Italian and Worldwide trends. First of all Simply®, with the launch of Flagship Store, totally oriented to the optimization of customers’ experience.

Another widespread worldwide trend is the relevant role that Mobile devices are taking on in users’ behavioral and consumer habits. The Nielsen’s research “Mobile Consumer Report” underlines that the 97% of italian population, 16 years and older, owns a cellphone and that the 62% prefers Smartphones to the classic old fashioned cellphones. There isn’t a unique kind of consumer, it’s an heterogeneous situation. The introduction of devices that allow users to be constantly connected to the internet radically modifies their way of interact with companies. The customers are able to gather information about products/services, compare prices and read uptodate reviews.

It’s basic for companies to approach the Mobile reality with new communication tools able to intercept customers’ interest at the exact moment in which their needs come alive. Promptness is compulsory and presence is necessary. Under evaluate this media can involve a loss of development and progress opportunities. E-Business Consulting, a qualified digital marketing company, is able to offer complete support and consulting to the companies which want to start mobile advertising activities. Don’t wait, be found!