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The guide of RTB

  • E-Business Consulting realizes a guide on Real Time Bidding

After “Email Marketing:  a world to discover” and “The communication within the jungle of Social Network”, the focus of E-Business Consulting is the display advertising and in particular the Real Time Bidding, the type of Programmatic Advertising based on the planning of banner ads on the basis of the bidding mechanism.

The guide entitled “Real Time Bidding: Real-time advertising” provides an overview on the evolution of the instrument containing data, statistics and growth prospects in Italy and around the world. The focus of the guide is about the functioning of platforms developed for Real Time Bidding and continue with the description of the main methods of planning, the characteristics of banner formats and the possibility of targeting.

The Real Time Bidding planning method allows to obtain many advantages both in economic terms and efficiency: advertisers in fact no longer have to negotiate with publishers and networks in choosing of pricing and placement of banners but can manage the planning independently. Further advantages are about the large possibility of target audience segmentation and the use of tracking cookies aimed at re-targeting on users who have shown an interest in the products and services offered (navigation on the website or click on Email communication).

The guide 'Real Time Bidding: Real-time advertising ' is free download at the following link.

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