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The future of Email Marketing

  • How is changing the measurement of email marketing results

Far away are the days when testing the effectiveness of a campaign email marketing was done by monitoring open rates and click through rate.

Currently In fact, besides the two parameters mentioned above, it is necessary to analyzethe volume of ordersrevenue and conversions that the advertiser has to manage as a result of communication.

The focus is now much more focused on sales and conversion rates supported by a growing emphasis on loyalty and CRM managed through the e-mail channel.

This situation arises from the need for companies to maximize their investments. In the current market is no longer conceivable, in fact, consider a communication tool without taking into consideration the results has delivered direct and, on the other hand, it is unthinkable to invest effectively without being in possession of a clear vision of historical results.

Strategic planning is another key indicator: the cost per order. Email is a tool that presents continuous growth, in general, direct costs static. Companies should be able to bring the activities of e-mail marketing to achieve a lower CPO. In this way, companies could consider the possibility of higher investment on this channel because it was considered more convenient.

Briefly then, if properly used e-mail marketing can be the future of the CRM tool and not simply a means of generating revenue. And 'in fact, a channel that allows the user in the first person to express their interests by authorizing the industry to receive advertisements. That said, the other key parameter that should be considered is the Lifetime Value (LTV), with its greater focus on "value" of the user in the database.

If you started to go this route, relying on specialists such as E-Business Consulting for some time focuses on the "taste" of users, the challenge would not be directed to the mere increase in the rate of opening, but would focus on increasing the LTV ... that's another story!