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The best practices of email

  • Do you want to emerge from the jungle of email boxes?

Often we are faced with the problem of how to read the different users promotions, offers and simple messages that they receive every day by email. In fact, nowadays, the mail boxes are in a state of information overload: many companies are trying to bring out their brand using the sending mail but it is statistically established that users spend no more than a fraction of second in choosing in open, ignoring or even eliminate what arrives in their email boxes.

How should we act? The first step is to be very careful that we want to send the object of the communication as it is a kind of quick news of what actually users will find in the mail. The object should be to the user that will bite the bait hook people; Is that all? No, what we should then give emphasis is the proper use of keywords. Test the effectiveness of the latter allows us to assess what "works" in our communications and also allows to continue to try to optimize until the perfect email.

What makes attractive the emails? Contrary to the basic features of marketing such as creativity, a pinch of sarcasm and intelligence, the perfect mail message must be clear, but impacting especially convincing. The guideline is therefore to not let the mind fly in the world of the imagination but certainly the goal is to convince a potential user to perform an action.

It was also demonstrated as there are certain keywords that have the ability to influence the performance; the words such as best, economic, beautiful, fast turn out to be among the winners to get good results, and the same happens with other terms such as, buy, and get proof. Among the most popular are also clearance, discount, offer and save.

Best practices? If you intend to use guidelines referring to a control action against you is helpful to know that "recording" generates nearly + 7% conversion rate, while "open" reaches + 1.73% and "add" nearly + 1.13%. As for the category of words that is the world of discounts the only word "open" reaches + 0.60%. As it regards the category represented the news only the word "new" reaches + 0.82%. Excellent performance are given by the guidelines that transmit to different users a sense of cursory as, for example, "hour" that touches the + 12.24%, "expires" that beat the + 1.63% and "limited time" that reaches the + 5.3%. The top performer is surely represented by "still time" to take advantage of an offer, promotion or discount that generates + 15.54 % conversion.


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