Targets beautiful (and impossible)

  • The customer is always right but sometimes their requests can be on the edge of reality.

targets beautiful (and impossible)

Working in a communication agency, such as E-Business Consulting, also involves moments of symbolic hilarity in some phases of the everyday life office. If creativity is the basis of the agency's operative part, unfortunately, the requests that come to us from customers  are very creative.

It may therefore happen that a commercial figure receives requests for the formulation of estimates with the most particular and imaginative requests for target profiling: copies that will marry in the next 3 months, tamers of animals excluding elephants, pregnant women from the third to the fifth month, hotels undergoing restructuring, immigrants without a residence permit. This one deserves particular attention, which marketing tool allows the presumed collection of similar profiles in accordance with current privacy law (GDPR)?

Or better: which institution can have such data? Perhaps we should resort to NGOs or other organizations that work for charity in this area. The aim is always the same: to offer their services or products to the alleged target. Now, let's start by saying that having pre-fabricated, ready-to-use profiles at home with all the privacy provisions in order is impossible, but it is equally unlikely to collect them from any ad hoc lead generation  campaign. These registries can probably come out only from the magic cylinder of some barker or smoke seller, widespread categories in the digital world.

It is true that, from our experience, companies often when making such particular requests, do not have a clear idea of what their typical target is actually and to whom they really want to turn and with what tools. Everyone always seems to be looking for the alleged walhalla….A clear strategy Vision of its customers  is lacking in the first place, but in particular there is no analysis of who the most profitable and least profitable customers are, to concentrate all efforts on the one hand on customer loyalty and on the other on the development of new ones business opportunity.

I always trust in the good intentions of customers: they make a request and most of the time they understand by telling us the absurdity of their requests, other times not. If we cannot offer them what they dream of, we always try to get closer to the desired target: who, after all, has never dreamed of knowing and contacting a tamer of elephants?

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting