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  • It is important to know, for the functionality and the company’s progress, the currently marketplace and its development. Improvise is forbidden: the survey online has to be analyzed.

According to a recent study, nowadays, the most of consumers don’t buy a product without first have consulted Internet to insure the product’s quality and reliability. 

How to know the consumers, intercept the purchases’ trends or understand the causes that define their choices? For the companies fully understand own marketplace can be a clincher for the development of new winning projects and work for a market expansion.  

Sometimes some advertisements can’t reach the hoped success because they promote products that don’t encourage the consumers’ interest.

Internet has brought new marketing techniques that allow the company to reach a largest target, extend its market and use new innovative forms of contact with new clients.

It is an efficient strategy collect data on new and potential clients through the Web.

The activation of the market research through the Survey Online permit to explore in a short time and through low invasive techniques the consumers' opinion relating to a product, a service or a brand. 

Thanks to the development and the activation of a Market Research the company constantly can be  kept updated on the developments and the target’s trends; the company also can be directly in touch with consumers’ tastes, it can find out the strong points and correct the weak points.

The secret is to plan a strategy with rationality and competences: surveys have to be built in the best way as possible for the Web, because they have to guide the user toward a path of deep-analysis, but they have to be adapted to the online tool ( that is speedy, intuitive and dynamic). It has to be taken also an early study of the selected users, of the objective that the company wants to reach and of the contents that have to be examined in depth.

The activation of the Market Research and the Survey Online brings some advantages like as the reduction costs, because everything is done in digital, the user-friendly approach and the opportunity to examine a great amount of statistic data.

Unfortunately quite few  Italian companies know already the Survey Online, unlike the Americans ones that it seems they can’t do without it. This is probably because the companies haven’t yet learnt all the opportunities that the Web offers. On top of that the companies have to trust the experts in the sectors who have the necessary skills and  good professional skills useful to actuate research projects to market.

E-Business Consulting S.r.l is one of the few companies that offers to its clients the right support for the development and the analysis of market research and survey online; is able to manage online advertising campaigns on order to increase the visibility of your brand or of your business. Our skills goes from Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Online Sweepstakes to Banner Campaigns and Google AdwordsCampaigns.

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05/04/2020 E-Business Consulting